Chapter 717

“There’s been a misunderstanding, Ms. Lewis. Mr. Nash Calcraft saved the Kennedys' son last night, and we’re here to say thank you!” The burly man seemed unsure if he should laugh or cry. Hera patted her chest and said, “You should've told me earlier. I thought you wanted to cause Nash trouble!” Atlas got out of the car and strode toward them. He was wearing a finely-pressed suit, and his slightly child-like features were arranged in a cool expression. Kai, who was seated in the Rolls-Royce, said softly, “Atlas Kennedy is the heir to the Kennedy family. Nash has managed to get the Kennedy family to owe him a huge favor!” Atlas walked over to Hera and said, “Please take us to Nash. I'd like to thank him in person!” Hera glanced at her watch. “But I’m going to be late!” Nash was preoccupied at the moment. She was also in a rush to get to work and had no time to act as their host. Atlas turned to the Rolls-Royce and said to Helena, “I saw you two coming out from Royal Bay,

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