Chapter 722

Eric immediately slapped himself after asking that question and muttered to himself, “How could I have asked such a foolish question?” He gave Atlas a displeased look. He seemed to be trying to pin all the blame on his disciple. The muscles on Atlas’ face twitched. How was this his fault too? A solemn look appeared on Eric’s face as he asked, “How do you plan to fight back?” If Nash was in trouble, he would help without asking for anything in return. However, he could not give any constructive advice since he had never interacted with Peter himself. “I plan to achieve the Mystique Loyalty Realm and then fight The Swordsman to the death!” Nash shared his plan. “It’s not that easy to achieve the Mystique Loyalty Realm!” Eric said as he peeled a banana from the fruit bowl and took a bite. “Besides, do you think he’d just sit back and watch you achieve the Mystique Loyalty Realm?” Going from the Profound Reality Realm to the Mystique Loyalty Realm required copious amount

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