Chapter 723

Nothing good ever happened to the people who got on the Kleins’ radar. How could he get Atlas to stay away from Nash? … At Royal Bay, Nash and Eric continued talking over drinks. Upon hearing Nash say he wanted to cultivate Golden Onyx Pills, an incredulous look appeared on Eric’s face. “You know how to do that?” Golden Onyx Pills were classified as a fifth-grade elixir, and even the most well-known practitioners of the Path were only able to craft third-grade elixirs. He had never known Nash knew alchemy, much less that he knew how to craft fifth-grade elixirs. Was he boasting? “I’ve already prepared all the ingredients. It takes three whole days and nights to complete the creation of Golden Onyx Pills! “During these three days, you’ll have to think of ways to protect my loved ones!” Nash lit himself a cigarette. Then, he shook the box and sent a cigarette flying. Eric reached out and caught the cigarette between his fingers, lightly gesturing with his left index

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