Chapter 724

“I’ll just ask them to drop by the mansion and pick them up. After all, I’m the heir of the Kennedy family. Why should I deliver these to them myself?” Atlas spoke haughtily. Eric smiled as he raised a hand and asked, “Are you going to do it or not?” “Alright, alright. I’ll go, okay?” Atlas used one hand to cover his head and the other to pick up the plastic bag before he walked toward the door. “Wait…” As he approached the door, Eric suddenly called out to him. Atlas paused in his tracks. “Find out which clubs are trustworthy here!” Eric said, a devious grin appearing on his face. “I can get you several B-list actresses if that’s what you’re after. The women at clubs might not be clean!” Atlas replied. “You bastard. I’m just in search of a reputable massage parlor. What thoughts are running through your mind?” “Oh, fuck off. I wonder who got scammed of all their money at the railway station?” “Shut up!” Eric glared at Atlas. Atlas practically fled from the m

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