Chapter 730

The conversation between the two was so low that only they could hear it. However, Eric’s hearing was far beyond that of ordinary people. He could even hear the sound of a needle falling to the ground a hundred meters away. He instantly flew into a fit of rage when he heard the disrespectful words the two said about him. Just as he was about to attack them, Atlas’ car drove into the yard. Atlas got out of the car and walked into the villa. He said, “Master, I’ve given out all the amulets.” Eric sat up and pinched his fingers together. Then, he frowned slightly and asked, “Did you ask them to carry it with them at all times?” Atlas went to sit on the sofa opposite Eric. Then, he replied with a smile, “Isn’t a protection amulet something you carry with you? I told them that the protection amulet was handmade by a Golden Amulet Master, so I don't think they'll take it lightly.” “You think? Harrison’s amulet is not on him!” Eric said with a cold face. “No way. The couple was so nic

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