Chapter 731

However, upon recalling that Harrison was his grandmaster’s father-in-law, Atlas suppressed his anger again. After taking a deep breath, he called once more. No one answered for several more minutes, so Atlas continued to call patiently. Finally, Harrison answered the phone. “Alright, I'll go back to the company! Don’t rush me!” After saying this, he hung up, his attitude completely different from before. Atlas smiled helplessly. Then, he threw his phone on the passenger seat and lit a cigarette to vent his grievances. … At Baroque headquarters, the production and quality inspection supervisors worked until 10:00 pm before leaving work. “I've been working for more than a decade and I've never suffered such grievances. I’m so unlucky.” The production supervisor lit a cigarette and handed one to the quality inspection supervisor. He was previously working at the supervisory level in another company. Later on, Harrison brought him to Baroque. Harrison was normally nice to him,

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