Chapter 732

After her mother finally fell asleep, Hera called her father. However, her father was drinking and just told her to go to bed. She was worried that something might happen to her father because he was drunk, so she came to the company immediately. As soon as she arrived at the gate, she saw what happened. When Harrison heard his daughter’s voice, he released the production supervisor and quality inspection supervisor before running away. “Dad, where are you going?” Hera chased him a short distance before giving up. Harrison’s speed was comparable to that of an athlete. He quickly disappeared into the night. Panting, Hera looked in the direction where her father disappeared in confusion. She wondered, ‘My dad has arthritis in his legs, and it hurts whenever he walks for long distances. How can he run so fast now?’ She took out her phone and made a call while walking toward the production supervisor and quality inspection supervisor. Her father’s phone was turned off. Hera look

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