Chapter 736

Eric took the basin and placed it on the table. He bit his index finger to draw blood and drew a runic incantation on the water. Helena came close to Hera and Lauren. She asked in a whisper about Harrison's situation. Hera and Helena whispered back. Helena, an atheist, had never believed in these mythical things. When Hera said that this person wanted to use the Path to find someone, Helena asked doubtfully, "Is this person reliable?" Hera nodded and said, "I think he’s quite reliable!" These things were definitely not something that fake practitioners could perform! Furthermore, he was also Atlas' master. Could an ordinary person be the master of Mr. Atlas Kennedy in Capiton? Eric put his hands behind his back, stared at Helena, and said with a half-smile, "Little girl, are you doubting my strength?" "No, my sister was praising you just now!" Hera was afraid that Eric would be angry, so she quickly excused Helena. Atlas said arrogantly, "There are only ten Golden Amulet Mas

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