Chapter 737

Harrison's eyes were bloodshot. He murmured gibberish with gnashing teeth. He then stopped and flagged down a taxi. The taxi driver felt a chill the moment Harrison got into the car. He saw the passenger’s icy expression through the rearview mirror and shuddered. "To Cerulean Sky Palace!" Harrison spoke coldly. Cerulean Sky Palace was the residential community where his eldest brother, Hubert, lived. At this moment, he had forgotten that he and Hubert had put aside their past grudges. There was only endless hatred in his heart. "Sir… Are you… Are you okay?" The taxi driver asked cautiously. This man reeked of alcohol as soon as he got in the car. He clearly had had too much to drink. The driver was worried that this man would get hot-headed and do something stupid. Harrison’s bloodshot eyes looked up, staring at the taxi driver in the rearview mirror. He retorted coldly, "How could I not be okay?" The taxi driver was frightened by Harrison's cold gaze. He dared not ask any m

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