Chapter 738

At Cerulean Sky Palace, Hubert was walking around anxiously with his hands behind his back. Suddenly, the phone in his hand vibrated. He quickly took a look and saw that it was his daughter. He immediately answered the call. "Helena, have you found your uncle?" There was no sound on the other end of the phone. Hubert frowned. "Helena?" There was static over the line, and Helena's voice was choppy. "Hello… Dad… Uncle… possessed… you… run..." Hubert thought his phone was broken, so he smacked the receiver hard. "Helena, can you hear me?" However, the call was hung up! At this moment, the doorbell rang. Hubert walked to the door and took a look through the peephole. Seeing that it was Harrison, he was about to open the door immediately. Suddenly, he remembered that his daughter had just told him that Harrison was possessed. However, so what if he was possessed? Harrison was his biological brother! He had been targeting Harrison over the years, even sending assassins to kill

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