Chapter 744

Nash frowned slightly. He opened his Third Eye and looked at Maria, only to see a black and red mist surrounding her body. He thought, ‘Is this the Ghoul Evil?’ Nash recalled in his mind that when he was 13 years old, his master brought him to kill a thousand-year-old ghoul. The afflicted person was surrounded by an evil presence. The Ghoul Evil resided in the body of a living person and grew by absorbing the person’s breath flow. When it grew to a certain level, the ghoul could take back the Ghoul Evil to increase its own strength. Hera noticed Nash was frowning while staring at Maria. She asked in confusion, "What's wrong with Maria?" Smiling, Nash said, "Nothing. Let's go back inside. Oh, please make me some pasta!" Hera arched her eyebrows and nodded. "Sure, I’ll make you my best bolognese!" The two returned to the living room. Meanwhile, Maria was busy in the kitchen. When Hera was walking to the kitchen, Nash said, "Hera, please ask Maria to come out." "Okay." Hera r

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