Chapter 745

A martial artist would feel hunger no matter what level their practice was, but his body would never be worn down by hunger. "Do you only know how to make pasta?" Nash suddenly asked. "Of course not… I can make scrambled eggs and bacon too!" Hera said quickly. "Silly baby!" Nash chuckled. Hera had made pasta for him twice, so he asked out of curiosity. It seemed that she only made food that was simple and convenient. Hera stared at Nash pitifully and asked, "If I say I can't cook, will you dislike me?" "Well..." Pouting, Nash hesitated to speak. Hera started panicking. "I can learn it. I can pick up new things really fast. Tomorrow, I'll learn how to make home-cooked food with Maria!" Her mother had always been the one cooking, and she learned to make bolognese pasta from a short video tutorial after living alone. Laughing, Nash said, "It doesn't matter. I can cook. I'll let you try my cooking when I have time!" "Really?" Hera stared at Nash expectantly. "What can you coo

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