Chapter 746

The quiet woman's expression changed slightly, and the women looked at each other. Atlas was the reason they applied for the position of maids. Someone who was his master should be in their 40s to 50s. He might even be a troublesome old man with a disability. How troublesome would that be? "What the heck? Aren’t we supposed to be taking care of Sir Atlas? Why is this becoming about his master?” "Oh my goodness, it's fine to love whoever you want, but I'm not serving an old man!" "I'll leave first. The opportunity is yours!" The group of women whispered to each other, with some even preparing to leave. Just then, the door to the master bedroom on the second floor opened. Eric walked out while dressed in a sharp suit. He had neatly styled, slightly curled hair and sharp black eyes beneath his well-defined eyebrows. He was tall with a slender figure that was neither rough nor rugged. Rather, he was like an eagle in the dark night. He exuded a cold, proud, and dominating aura whil

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