Chapter 747

There were so many titles. Were they all real? The quiet woman extended her hand and shook hands with Eric. "Hello, sir! I'm Winnie Roth, one of the top ten belles of the Jonford Teacher’s College and one of the cutest women in the country!" Winnie, dressed in a girly, high-school-type outfit, looked incredibly cute with that smile on her face—especially her dimples. Eric held Winnie's delicate hand and smiled slightly. "Hello, hello. You can call me Mr. Sands or Eric. I don't like the term 'sir'." "Phew, okay, Mr. Sands!" Winnie grinned, her canines peeking as her eyes twinkled with stars. She had always thought she liked younger, fresh-faced guys, but today, she discovered that she also liked older men. Eric and Winnie held hands, neither showing any intention of letting go. Her hand felt so tender, like cotton. Eric's heart raced. He might be somewhat lecherous, but it was still his first time holding hands with a woman. The mature woman coughed a couple of times, a hand cove

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