Chapter 750

While Fabian had significant influence within Universal Group, the core decision-making body was the company’s board. Even with Fabian's efforts, if more than two-thirds of the board voted against him, there would be little he could do. Nash, however, confidently declared, "Half a month is enough. I’ll show you what I can do!" Fabian chuckled coldly before hanging up the phone. Nash got a taxi and went to Universal Group. He then called Frankie. Frankie was about to attend a meeting but quickly excused himself to go to the company to meet Nash. Justin Long was driving toward the entrance with Queenie Graham in the passenger seat. She suddenly frowned and pointed at the entrance. "Isn't that Nash?" Justin stepped on the brakes and looked at Nash, a hint of hostility appearing in his eyes. "What's this bastard doing here again?" At that moment, Frankie came out and shook hands with Nash before leading him into the company. "He looks like he’s quite familiar with Frankie." Queeni

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