Chapter 751

“The Lowe family is a top-tier wealthy family with numerous industries under their name. Why bother coming to work for Universal Group?" Nash grumbled. "Because Universal Group is a world-class economic entity. Any family business strives to join Universal Group. There are representatives from the top ten families present at headquarters!" Frankie said with pride, seemingly proud of being a member of Universal Group. "Well, tell me more about the company," Nash said as he sat down and started flipping through the documents. Frankie stood respectfully beside him and explained the ins and outs of the company, which took the entire morning. When it was lunchtime, Frankie suggested, "I've booked a private room at Cloud Peak Palace Hotel. Let's go there for lunch.” Nash stretched lazily. "Since I'm here to work, let's go with the flow. I'll check out the cafeteria..." He had noted from the documents some issues with the cafeteria's management. The manager had been embezzling procureme

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