Chapter 752

Nash picked up his tray and walked over to the table where the woman who suggested getting chowder was sitting. She was watching a video while enjoying her meal, bursting into laughter at times. When she saw Nash approaching, she immediately put away her phone and asked, "Are you a supplier or a company executive?" "Executive," Nash replied. Taking a seat on the chilly chair, Nash glanced at the woman's tray and noticed that she had poured chowder over the mashed potatoes. The woman grinned. "It's the first time I've seen a manager come to this floor of the cafeteria.” Her tone was normal, but Nash felt it was unusually grating. Frankie approached them with two bowls of chowder and placed one in front of Nash. Nash took a sip from the stainless steel bowl, and his expression immediately darkened. It was so salty. He turned to look at the other employees relishing their meals at their tables. Nash took a determined gulp and then swallowed forcefully. Frankie picked up a piece

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