Chapter 754

His gums were bleeding from where they were cut by the small stone, but he dared not spit it out. How could he when someone from the Inspection Department had eaten the food here? Not to mention, he was the manager of the Life Department who was responsible for cafeteria procurement. The mashed potatoes were really dry, making it difficult to swallow. The woman placed a full bowl of chowder in front of Arnauld and said, "Mr. Schwartz, please enjoy." Ignoring the saltiness of the chowder, Arnauld lifted the rim of the bowl to his lips and took huge gulps of the liquid with his eyes closed. When he put down the bowl, the expression on his face was utterly miserable. Was this chowder even meant for human consumption? Nash sat upright and asked calmly, "Who established the rule about fines in the cafeteria?" A slight tremor ran through Arnauld at that. His worst fear had come true—the Inspection Department was indeed here to investigate him. Putting down the bowl, Arnauld forced a

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