Chapter 755

The woman who shared a table with Nash during lunch before was now smiling brightly. It looked like things were about to look up for the cafeteria. ... Frankie led Nash to the Inspection Department. There were 16 workstations in the public working space outside, but only three of them were equipped with computers. In the innermost row, there were two separate offices—one for the director of inspection and the other for the chief inspector of the region. Frankie brought Nash to the director's office. "It has only been less than half a month since the Inspection Department was established. Currently, only three people have been recruited. Mr. Hughes' suggestion is for you to assume the position of director in the company for now." The office was already set up with a computer and all necessary office supplies. "What if I want to dismiss someone? Will a director's power suffice?" "The director of inspection has the authority to dismiss managers. However, approval from headquarters

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