Chapter 756

Frankie walked up to Nash and handed him a cup of warm water. Nash accepted the cup and smiled wryly. "Do all three of them have issues? "The president, the vice president, and the general manager are leaders of Jonford Universal Group. If all three of them are problematic, it’ll be hard to keep the company from suffering losses.” Frankie took a sip of water to moisten his throat before answering, "I don't know if they’re problematic or not, but their subordinates seem to be. It seems like the three top executives are turning a blind eye to some things." "They're trying to win people over in a unique way, huh?" Nash sneered. "That's what I think too. They're all outsiders, and if they want the company to develop sustainably, they have to win over the old employees." Frankie nodded in agreement. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, followed by Lynn’s voice. "Mr. Calcraft, Mr. Schwartz from the Life Department wants to see you." "Let him in," Nash responded. He then went over

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