Chapter 758

Juan particularly enjoyed investigating corruption cases due to his previous work. He had personally sent his father to prison for three years three years ago for embezzling funds from the family business. After the man was released, he sought revenge and killed Juan's best friend. Despite using a vast network of connections, he could not pin the murder on him and the case was hastily closed by the Capiton Inspection Office. He felt guilty knowing who the killer was yet being unable to bring him to justice. Thus, he left the office and had been drifting around till recently. His savings were almost depleted due to his reckless life choices. He then got himself a job since he did not want to ask his family for money. The job of an inspection officer was similar to that of his previous job at the supervisory office. Fortunately, he had acquaintances working at Universal Group, and that was how Jack Lindon helped him secure the job. Juan went into the director's office, looked dow

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