Chapter 759

Seeing how young he was, the woman noted that another scion from some influential family had decided to grace them. Nash also learned the woman's name from her work badge—Sandra Wade, manager of the Purchasing Department. With this, it was likely that Queenie Graham was the manager of Purchasing Department 2. If Willow was from Purchasing Department 2, maybe he could get rid of Queenie. However, there was no need to rush. Queenie was definitely on the chopping block; it was just a matter of the sequence. "Hello, Mr. Calcraft.” Sandra extended her hand for a friendly handshake. A director was one level higher than a manager but one level lower than a general manager. "Hello." Nash politely shook hands with Sandra and retracted his hand after three seconds. Sandra offered, "Please have a seat. I'll prepare some tea.” Normally, a manager would let their secretary handle such tasks. However, Frankie and the director of the Inspection Department had a special status, so things were

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