Chapter 760

Sandra looked at Willow expressionlessly and said, "Come into my office." Willow started panicking again. The secretary sighed. "Go on in. I’ll be out here. Improve your attitude and correct your mistakes promptly if you've made any!" Willow tugged at the secretary's arm, saying, "Lily, please come in with me. I'm scared..." The secretary broke free from Willow's grip and replied somewhat helplessly, "Think about how much effort Ms. Wade has put in for you. She’s not even married yet, and what's the reason for that?" After saying this, the secretary walked away without looking back. Willow stood there in a daze. She knew that the Inspection and Legal Departments had come for her. She recently did some inappropriate things without telling Sandra, but she only did it to earn more money and ease Sandra's burden. Uneasiness taking over her, Willow entered Sandra's office. Sandra sat on the sofa with her arms crossed. The usually doting gaze she would direct at Willow was now icy and

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