Chapter 761

The secretary smiled and said, "The Inspection Department and the Legal Department went to look for Sandra. It seems Willow has caused some trouble!" Universal Group had 12 factory zones. Purchasing Department 2 was responsible for procuring production materials for the factory zones while Purchasing Department 1 was responsible for miscellaneous purchases. After Queenie took control of Purchasing Department 2, she had been determined to merge it with Purchasing Department 1. However, Sandra's seniority made it difficult for Queenie to overthrow her. The two Purchasing Departments have always had conflicts, and the two women would exchange sarcastic remarks whenever they met. Their departments were notorious for their intense internal power struggles within the company. Upon hearing that Purchasing Department 1 was in trouble, smiles graced the faces of the many supervisors present. "Oh, Ms. Rolfe is usually so sarcastic. I see that she has finally gotten into trouble today.” “H

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