Chapter 762

A faint gleam flickered in Queenie's eyes. The company normally bought vacuum equipment at a 20% discount. However, as there were numerous suppliers, they would often see an extra 3% to 5% discount due to competition. They had gotten about a 23% discount with the previous plasma cutting machine, but the Purchasing Department had only reported 20%, allowing Queenie to pocket the remaining. The company required a massive number of plasma cutting machines and purchased over eight hundred units every month. With a kickback profit of 20 to 30 grand per machine, Queenie could rake in over two million in profits every month. Additionally, suppliers would provide her with extra bonuses, starting from at least 200 to 300 grand. Her grandfather was focusing all his attention on her second cousin, Chase. Queenie's family and her eldest cousin’s family received little attention although the latter was relatively better off. Her uncle had earned quite a bit through her grandfather's connec

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