Chapter 763

Nash looked up at Willow and said, "Your aunt called me just now. She pleaded for you. Considering your aunt's dedication and loyalty, I'll let you go this time. If this happens again, I won't just dismiss you but also your aunt." Sandra's phone call requesting for mercy could be seen as her vouching for Willow. If Willow were to repeat the offense, as her guarantor, Sandra would also face consequences. Upon hearing that her aunt had pleaded on her behalf, Willow imagined how her aunt must have humbled herself to make the request. Feeling like she had burdened her aunt, Willow's eyes turned red as she said through choked sobs, "Mr. Calcraft, thank you for giving me this chance. I'll return all the kickbacks I received to the company.” Admittedly, she did not make much from the kickbacks as most of it went to Arnauld from the Life Department. She made, at most, just over a million. Over the past few months, she had spent more than 200 grand on luxury items. She could borrow that s

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