Chapter 765

Eric's mouth twitched slightly. Was this for real? Was the guard really bought off with a hundred dollars? "Let's go! Don't stand there like a fool!" Winnie tugged at Eric's sleeve as she led them to the cemetery. Fool? Eric wanted to slap her. Was he not her boss? "Stop!” The taxi driver ran over and stood in front of the two, glaring at them. "You haven't paid me the fare yet.” Winnie turned to look at Eric and said, "I only had that hundred-dollar bill.” Eric lifted his robe, took out a crumpled 50-dollar note from his pocket, and said, "Here, no need for change!" "50 dollars? Do you think I’m some beggar? The gas itself was more than 50! Based on the meter, you owe me 185 dollars!" The taxi driver glared at the two fiercely. "Consider it a debt. You can come to Royal Bay Villa 14 tonight and look for me!” He then tried to walk toward the gate, but the taxi driver grabbed Eric's robe. "Ouch..." White smoke rose from the taxi driver’s hand as if he had grabbed a burning

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