Chapter 766

Carved on the lower left side of the tombstone were the family’s details. The names of the eldest son, Hubert Lewis, and his wife were there, as well as the names of the second son, Harrison Lewis, and his wife. Below them were the names of their daughters, Helena and Hera Lewis, and also their son-in-law, Nash Calcraft. Eric's expression changed slightly. "Is this Nash's wife’s grandfather?" Winnie nervously asked, "Is there something in this grave?" A glint passed through Eric's eyes, and his expression turned serious again. While the other graves contained urns, Herman's grave surprisingly housed a coffin. Moreover, the coffin was encased with a layer of spiritual energy. His Third Eye had not reached the level where it would allow him to view the contents of the coffin. Even though he could not see the inside of the coffin, Eric could imagine that the corpse inside had undergone some kind of transformation. He stepped around the back of the tombstone and saw traces of dist

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