Chapter 768

Despite working at De'anne Cemetery for over 20 years, the security guard had never encountered anything supernatural. However, he had been feeling uneasy whenever he closed the gates at night the past few days. "Ghosts don’t exist. How are people still believing that in this day and age? One should believe in science!" Eric smirked as he went up to Winnie directly, who was standing on the roadside. "Little girl, why'd you run so fast? Didn't you see how mighty I was just now?" Still shaken, Winnie’s face was pale. When she saw Eric, however, her expression eased a bit. She stared at the blood at the corner of Eric's mouth, half-believing and half-doubting the authenticity. "Is it real or fake? Why do I find it hard to believe?" Weakened by the encounter, Eric was a bit unsteady but still maintained his tough demeanor. He replied, "Next time, I'll give you a chance to witness my advanced Path techniques!" "Alright, alright, I believe you,” Winnie said as she went up and supporte

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