Chapter 769

Nash panicked. "Ah, I'm almost done.” Hera was puzzled. "Who are you talking to?" "The president,” Nash replied. "Oh..." Hera took in a sharp breath and whispered, "Why don't you hang up first? Are you making the president wait for you to finish the call?" This was the president of Universal Group they were talking about. Although he was only the president of the Jonford branch, Universal Group’s name was still well-known. For someone to be able to sit in the president’s position meant that they were extraordinary. "Alright, I'll hang up first. I'll pick you up after you get off work later," Nash said with a gentle smile. "I'll wait for you, then. No lying to me!" Hera warned. "Of course, I’m not lying.” Nash hung up the phone, quickly stood up, and apologized, "My apologies, Mr. Lindon. My wife called to check on me.” Jack chuckled. "So, even you are afraid of your wife, Mr. Calcraft!" Nash was the one who made the call just now yet he claimed that his wife had called to ch

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