Chapter 770

Jack's words carried profound meaning. While he expressed support for investigating corrupt management within the company and even suggested key departments, he also hinted at not going too far. Was he worried about being implicated if Nash uncovered something about him and was thus preemptively taking precautions? Jack laughed heartily before replying, "I'm just reminding you. You're cutting off someone's illicit gains, after all. If they're desperate individuals, I'm afraid they might come after you!" His words seemed sincere as if he was genuinely expressing concern for Nash's safety. "Thank you for the reminder, Mr. Lindon. I'll be careful," Nash said with a smile. He then glanced at the time and said, "It's getting late, and I have another meeting shortly. I won't disturb your work, Mr. Lindon." Jack stood up and said, "I'll repeat what I said earlier, Mr. Calcraft. Think twice before you act!" Nash stared directly into Jack's eyes as if trying to read his thoughts. Jack re

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