Chapter 771

“Thank you!” The machine said thank you, indicating the clock-in was successful. Lynn said in a surprised voice, “Nothing’s wrong with it!” Nash tried again. “Clock-in unsuccessful!” Miles, who was standing behind them, asked, “Shall I give it a try?” Nash and Lynn moved aside, and Miles pressed his thumb onto the scanner. “Thank you!” Nash tried again. “Clock-in unsuccessful!” “Have you gotten your thumbprint registered?” Juan slung his suit jacket over his shoulder as he spoke lazily. Nash blushed. “No…” It turned out he needed to have his thumbprint registered. A disdainful look appeared on Juan’s face, and he walked away after clocking out. Nash was a country bumpkin who did not even know how to use a fingerprint scanner! God knew which fool had allowed him in here. Lynn and Miles forced themselves to hold their laughter in. Nash said, “Whatever. I’ll only be working here for a couple of days anyway. It doesn’t really matter if I clock in or not!”

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