Chapter 772

Nash said awkwardly, “I don’t have a car!” That stunned Lynn momentarily, but she then immediately suggested, “Would you like to get in my car? We could pick your wife up together.” She had never expected the director of Universal Group’s Inspection Department to not even own a car. After a moment’s thought, Nash nodded and said, “That works. Thank you so much!” Lynn was a subordinate, and she was married with kids herself. That was enough for Hera not to overthink things, right? Juan drove over in his Porsche, a slight smile on his face as he asked, “Where are we having dinner? I won’t step into any hotels that aren’t classy enough!” “The Deluxe Royalty Room at Chateau Hotel. Is that classy enough for you?” Nash grinned as he got into the back seat of Lynn’s car. Juan frowned. “You aren’t toying with us because you think we’ve got a lot of time on our hands, are you?” Chateau Hotel. That was one of the Skye family’s businesses, right? Chateau Hotel operated on a m

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