Chapter 773

Nash smiled. “Let’s go. My department’s having dinner tonight, and I want to bring you along!” “Huh?” “R-Right now?” “Is it appropriate for me to tag along for dinner with your department’s members?” Hera spoke elegantly. “Why wouldn’t it be appropriate? It’s perfectly normal to bring your spouse along to a gathering!” Nash took Hera’s hand in his as they walked toward where Lynn’s car was parked. Without them realizing, Lynn had gotten out of the car and was standing by the door. She was not surprised at how beautiful Nash’s wife was. They were a perfect match for each other. As the two approached, Lynn smiled and opened the door for them. Hera thanked her before getting into the back seat with Nash. After a half-hour journey, they arrived at the Chateau Hotel. When Lynn noticed BMWs and Audis parked by the curb, she immediately knew the car she drove did not have the right to enter Chateau Hotel’s parking lot. She found a parking spot and was about to begin

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