Chapter 774

He had just finished speaking when footsteps rang out. The two immediately sat upright. A server opened the door and smiled as they said, “This way please, Mr. Calcraft!” All of Chateau Hotel’s employees knew and remembered this esteemed guest. They treated Nash with the utmost respect as if he were the ruling king. Nash and Hera walked hand-in-hand into the private room. “Mr. Calcraft!” Miles immediately got to his feet to say hello. He used his foot to gently nudge Juan when he realized the other man was not moving. Though Juan had looked down on Nash before this, why was he still putting on airs when it was evident just how influential Nash was? Juan leaned back against his chair with an expressionless look on his face. The Skye family rarely gave out diamond-tier cards, and those who could afford the five billion dollar application fee for that card probably owned at least one large-scale company. Why would they go to work at another company? Jack Lindon and T

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