Chapter 775

Miles had dedicated all his time to work the past few years. Now, he had a car, a house, and plenty of savings, but he did not have a girlfriend yet. Juan had dated a woman during his time working at the supervisory office. The woman was rumored to be an heiress to one of Caption’s wealthiest families as well, but they broke up because of incompatible personalities. Lynn picked up her glass and pursed her lips before saying, “Let’s make a toast to our first dinner together as colleagues!” “Yes, yes, a toast!” Miles picked his glass up as well and turned to Nash. “Is there anything you'd like to say, Mr. Calcraft?” Nash smiled as he picked up his glass. “Frankly speaking, there’s nothing more for me to say. All of you graduated from law school and have plenty of working experience too. "You’re more well-informed in your work than I am, and I hope that you'll continue setting a good example for everyone else. Remember what got you into this field in the first place, and keep t

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