Chapter 776

Eric gritted his teeth as he drew a sharp intake of breath. The veins on his neck popped while his eyes turned even more bloodshot. Atlas stared at his master’s wound, which looked like a burn wound. The redness of the wound had faded significantly, but it had not fully faded yet. “Master, why don’t we get Master Nash to look at your wound?” “No… It’s alright!” Eric was in so much pain that he began shuddering. Despite that, he gritted his teeth and forced himself to withstand the pain. There was no way he would let Nash know the ghoul had one-upped him. The silhouettes of Atlas and the two maids had turned red in Eric’s eyes. This was a sign that the ghoul poison was attacking his heart. He bit his tongue so that he could remain conscious. “Help… Help me back to my room…” Atlas helped Eric up from the couch and slung one of his arms over Eric's shoulders before helping the man make his way to his room. Winnie watched them walk away. She had a worried look on her face as

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