Chapter 777

“Master… Master Nash…” Atlas immediately got up from the couch with a nervous look on his face. “Where’s your master?” Nash asked calmly. A strained smile tugged on the corners of Atlas’ lips. “He… He’s gone to bed…” Nash looked up the stairs, a glint appearing in his eyes. Eric had taken off his clothes and was sitting cross-legged on the bed. Clouds of black fog surrounded his body, and there were hints of gold-colored lights inside the fog. Nash’s eyebrows knitted themselves together even more tightly. He had already guessed Eric would be no match for the ghoul, but he had not expected him to get hurt. Given Eric’s skills, even if he could not defeat it, he would have been able to escape with the help of a talisman. Unless he had been so headstrong he decided to take on the ghoul himself. Nash was confident the second possibility was what had happened. Eric had a huge ego. He must have wanted to defeat a ghoul by himself so that he could earn bragging rights.

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