Chapter 76

“Hera…” Harrison looked at his daughter with an ashen face. ‘Is this girl foolish? Does she not see that Helena is goading her?’ Herman’s face darkened slightly. “All of you'd better restrain yourselves!” No matter which side lost, it would bring shame to the entire Lewises. He could not afford to lose his dignity! Seeing his old man’s face turning sour, Hubert hastily said, “Helena, change your conditions. No one will benefit from winning this…” Helena turned her gaze. She suddenly laughed and said, “How about this? If you lose, you’ll have to kiss Hunter Hill once!” “No way. Choose something else…” Hera was unsure of it herself. If she really lost, she surely could not actually kiss Hunter, right? Her first kiss should be given to the man she liked. Hubert whispered, “Helena, change it. Mr. Kai is still here. If you lose and run off to kiss Hunter, how will Mr. Kai feel?” “I think you’d be better off just betting money!” Skadi said casually. After all, she would naturally

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