Chapter 77

Although his eyes were closed in meditation, he did not miss any of the conversations happening around him. Seeing Kai walk over with Helena, he turned and stood in front of the two. Kai had just witnessed the horror of this masked man. He put away his usual arrogance and politely laughed. “We… just wanted to offer a toast to the warden!” Helena cooed in agreement, “Yes, the warden cares for the country and the people. He defends the Northern Territory. We should show our respect!” “Scram!” Nash’s voice was icy cold. The moment his aura emerged, a wave of chill instantly enveloped the two. The glasses in Kai's and Helen’s hands mysteriously shattered, causing the wine to spill all over them. Walter saw his grandson stopped by the Smiling Grim Reaper and quickly got up to walk over to them. “What’s going on?” Kai said with a trembling voice, “We… We just wanted to have a drink with the warden…” Helena pleaded, “Grandpa, you must help us... We admire the warden a lot…” “Are y

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