Chapter 78

Hubert and Rooney could toss away their dignity, but Helena was a person who cared about her reputation and image the most. Therefore, Lauren chose to confront Helena. “Mom, let's just admit that we lost." With a flushed face, Helena spoke up with gritted teeth. “No way! We’re talking about 1.5 million here. That's several years' worth of our expenses!" Herman slammed his palm on the table and coldly uttered, “You’re making a spectacle of yourselves!” The bet was placed by Helena’s family. Now, it was Helena’s family who wanted to call it off. Money could be earned again, but the loss of dignity would only lead to ridicule. Seeing Herman angry, Rooney very reluctantly handed over the bank card. Skadi took out her phone, opened the banking app, and had Helena transfer the money via her phone. Helena transferred the 1.5 million to Skadi, her face wincing from the ache she felt. Skadi then transferred 1.2 million to Hera. With widened eyes, Hera said, “Skade, why did you give

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