Chapter 779

Winnie narrowed her eyes as she spoke dazedly, “I made a bet with my classmates that I could become Atlas’ girlfriend, so I applied when Atlas put out a notice saying he was hiring.” The corner of Atlas’ lips jerked upward. She was here because she had feelings for him? He would probably develop an aneurysm if he ever had a girlfriend like her. Nash sneered, “In that case, why did you seduce Eric?” Winnie had displayed her undergarments to Eric when she bent down to brew tea that morning. Although she was also wearing tights and safety shorts beneath her skirt, the sight of it was enough to induce indecent thoughts as well. Besides, this was Eric they were talking about. He had not had relations with any woman for over 30 years. Winnie murmured, “Because he’s more charismatic than Atlas is…” The look on Atlas’ face turned even uglier. He was a young, rich man with status and power. Yet, he was deemed less charismatic than a middle-aged man. Nash let out a breath and

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