Chapter 780

Nash clasped his hands behind his back as he strolled down the streets of Royal Bay. The dimmed street lights elongated his shadow. Peter had turned Mr. Lewis into a ghoul overlord. No doubt, he would return to the Duerson household after escaping from De’Anne Cemetery. An evil Path taker who was as equally powerful as a Golden Amulet Master. Two Mystique Loyalty Realm experts. Now, there was also a ghoul overlord who was as powerful as a partial Profound Oriental Realm expert. All that power was more than enough for them to take the whole of Jonford by storm. Even if Jonford’s Ten Families formed an alliance, it would still be difficult to defeat them. Bladesman Divus and the unkempt old man might be able to stand their ground against the ghoul overlord if they formed an alliance, but it would be near impossible for them to kill the ghoul overlord because they did not practice the Path. If Nash achieved the Mystique Loyalty Realm, he might be able to form an alliance

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