Chapter 781

Melody had regained strength in both her hands, but she was still anxious. Just as she was about to pick up the remote control to call someone, she heard some strange noises from afar. Melody was startled, so she slowly put the remote control back down. She may not have done it before herself, but she had heard plenty about the topic. She knew what Nash and Hera were doing. Images of Nash and Hera making love kept running through her mind. Melody quickly tried to shake off such thoughts while a wave of sadness hit her. She was already pushing 30, but she had not met the man of her dreams yet. When were they going to finish? She was still waiting to use the toilet! Melody lifted the blanket over her head to hide under it and wait in silence. She did not think it would last two hours. Hera’s voice went from soft moans to loud cries. Melody started grumbling to herself again. She had heard from her friends that men usually lasted only 30 minutes. The good ones could maybe last

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