Chapter 782

Winnie walked out of the room with her bare feet and paced around like a zombie. After walking three rounds around the living room, she went up to the second floor. There was an eerie red glow in her pupils like there was a camera behind her eyes. In Eric’s room on the second floor, he was sitting cross-legged on the bed. He was topless and had his hands in front of his stomach. Most of the black mist on his body had dissipated, and there was a faint golden glow. The red spiderweb-like marks on his chest had faded. The door handle tilted downward, and the door was pushed open with a creak. Winnie walked in slowly. Eric’s heart skipped a beat. Did he not tell them to leave him alone? Why was someone still entering his room? He had placed a seal on himself, keeping himself just barely alive. Now, he was unable to do something as simple as opening his eyes. In other words, he was half-dead. Winnie walked to the edge of the bed and slowly turned to face Eric. There was a red g

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