Chapter 783

”In the stillness, the dragon conceals itself. The heart is sealed, and the heavens reward diligence. My purpose is clear, unsettling spirits and demons. I have no desires, and the universe returns to my heart.” Eric continued reciting the Mind-Clearing Recitation. However, all he could think about was the feeling on his back. He could no longer suppress the black mist around his body. Winnie slithered in front of Eric like a snake and exhaled in front of his lips, “Sir… Love me…” Eric’s mind was free from distraction, and he was as peaceful as the night sky. His focus had always been weak, but he managed to overcome his desires with the Mind-Clearing Recitation. Winnie removed the arm hugging Eric, and he sighed in relief. Shifting in front of him, she was now kneeling on the bed. She asked pleadingly, “Sir, why are you ignoring me?” Again? Eric immediately recited the Mind-Clearing Recitation again. “Let her roam free like the wind sweeping across the hilltops.” Winnie pr

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