Chapter 787

Soon, the excitement in Winnie's and Jesebel’s eyes was gone. They were just ordinary people. Not only was Eric a martial artist, but he was the best among the best. It would be hard for ordinary people like them to reach his level. Winnie bit her lip and said, “I’ll marry you when I graduate. Don’t forget to prepare a wedding gift of 30 grand!" “30 grand?” Atlas looked shocked. Winnie’s face was flushed. She said with embarrassment, “That’s what my dad asked for, but… you don’t have to give me that much.” Atlas smiled and said, “Mrs. Sands, you misunderstood me. What I meant is that you're not only looking down on my master, but you're also looking down on me, his disciple. I'm someone who donates three million to charity!” Eric was his master. If he only gave his bride 30,000 dollars, he would be laughed at by his wealthy friends. “If Master Eric gets married, I’ll give you 150 million dollars!” Atlas said. Jesebel raised her eyebrows in shock, but she did not question Atlas.

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