Chapter 788

When the passersby saw him talking to himself, they all looked at him with disgust. Some even called the property management and told them to kick that beggar out. Several security guards heard the captain’s orders on the intercom and said, “Captain, that beggar runs fast. We can’t catch him at all!” “Just do it for the sake of doing it. Mr. Calcraft told me that the old man is a friend of his!” “Yes, sir!” The security guards walked toward the unkempt old man. As usual, the old man ran away. In the blink of an eye, he was already a hundred meters away. In the master bedroom on the second floor of Nash’s villa, Nash opened his eyes and stared at Hera. She was lying on top of him like an octopus. Slowly, a smile appeared on his face. He lifted his arms and hugged Hera’s slender waist. Then, a lustful flame surged once again below his waist. Hera frowned and stared at Nash. With a hint of fear in her voice, she said, “You… Why are you… Um…” She did not get to finish that sentenc

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