Chapter 789

"Ungrateful bastard!” Fabian cursed before hanging up. Smiling, Nash then called Lynn. “Mr. Calcraft, did you oversleep?” Lynn asked cautiously. “No, I have other plans. I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the company today. How are things going?” “A group of foreign clients came to our company for inspection. Mr. Lindon also asked us not to disturb the Purchasing Department and Business Department," Lynn said carefully, afraid that Nash would get angry. “Have you seen the clients?” “Yes, they had a large group of inspectors, and they’re all foreigners.” “We’ll talk after they leave.” Nash went downstairs and walked straight to the dining table. He grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it in his mouth. He had exerted too much strength last night, so he was starving. Not long after, Eric and Atlas rang the doorbell outside. Maria went to bring them into the living room. Nash could tell that there was a difference in Eric’s energy. There were no fluctuations in his body whats

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