Chapter 790

”What if the situation worsens and becomes uncontrollable?” Eric was aware that the extinction formation had to be used with caution, but the ghoul overlord was almost half as strong as a practitioner in the Profound Oriental Realm. Although Eric’s strength had increased, it would still be difficult to subdue the ghoul overlord. Since Nash did not have a better solution either, this was the last resort. “If we can find that weapon, dealing with the ghouls will be much easier!” Nash narrowed his eyes. “What weapon?” Eric immediately asked. “The Eight-Part Scepter of Zaloria’s Possidian Sect!” “Eight-Part Scepter?” Eric had never heard of this weapon before, so he asked curiously, “Can that weapon really kick their ass?” “Even my master has been injured by this weapon before!” No words were needed to explain how powerful the weapon was if even Nash’s master got hurt by it. Eric’s pupils constricted after hearing that. Nash’s master, Jonathan, had already made a formidable name

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